GSD® brand development with Wake Drinks

GSD® brand development with Wake Drinks

Wake Drinks are an active lifestyle drinks producer, with it’s main sales markets including the UK, China, SE Asia, South America & the Middle East.

The secrets of their success are a compelling British brand, smart product and global outlook.

The drink formula now contains less caffeine and sugar than competitors and more beneficial ingredients like green tea and guarana, which helps gives people a smoother release of energy.

Wake Drinks CEO, Alex Buckley, commented “We joined The International Festival for Business because we wanted to connect with overseas distributors and IFB delivered. Through the festival we were also fortunate enough to be introduced to GSD, a multi-award winning design agency, with clients including Apple, Rolex and now us! They’re now responsible for all our online and offline brand development, which is great because it allows us to concentrate on sales.”

Wake Drinks are proud to be a supporting partner of the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada.

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